National Park Girls Part 2

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Some dreams follow us more often than others. Waking up breathless and with a tight feeling around my chest I start to wonder if it’s because of my dream or this National Park cuddling me in my sleep. Well, Yosemite is sassy as every day, and Yellowstone as busy as she can be. I’ll just do my coffee alone this morning using the first mug I can get my hands on. Yosemite is still reading the same book over and over again trying to finally understand her existence. We’ll time for duty, coffees cold anyway. Maybe Yellowstone wants the rest of it…

National Park Girls picks up where it left off the first episode.
I can’t add much to it. Most of the things I’ve said here still apply.

The story this time is about Yellowstone. We spend a lot of time with this girl after she had a little fallout with her peers. While hiking we slowly get to know her and her problems all the while Eve discovers more and more about herself. The story takes a deep dive here while still retaining her comedy approach from the beginning. It’s this mix of different but perfect characters that make this story so unique and pleasant to read.

If you’ve played the first episode you won’t be disappointed with this episode. It picks up where it left off and expands deeply on the characters and gives insight on their struggles and problems. It was worth the full-price!

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