Post-book/story blues.

Have you ever had post-book/story blues? You read the last page, the last line, the conflict is resolved. These characters you have been following for quite a while have finished their story. This is their end, there is nothing more for you to read now. The characters live happily ever after but, you feel lost, devastated, demolished or, dumbfound.
You wanna read more, experience more about the life of the characters you grew to love. But there is none. The only thing that remains is your imagination.

I struggle every time I finished a story. I feel lost and I experience some kind of dread and I keep thinking about these characters, remember specific action or plot points. This feeling goes on for a few days until it vanishes from my mind. In these days I may reread some passages but the heartache still stays. The only thing that helps is a new story. A new story to get lost in, new characters that you can grow to love. Now those keep you company for the next few days, weeks. Until this vicious cycle begins again.

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