LOVE³ -Love Cube-

After getting to know this game via the official twitter account of Nekoworks I decided to check out the demo and subsequently bought the game.
Seeing as this is a Nekoworks production my expectations were unusually high since it does have to compete with the Nekopara series … and boy it sure can show itself besides the Nekopara series.

You, the generic white dude with short brown hair, are a failing “adult comics artist” currently living in a rathole and eating tissues because you don’t have any money in your bank account. Luckily for you tho is that you have a cute editor, Akira Higashibojo, at your side, who is supporting you in every way she can, buying you food and giving you head massages in her lap.

But things really don’t look bright for you and you are already expecting to give up your dream as an artist until your editor mentions that the currently biggest and most successful “adult comics artist” needs an assistant. As the broken dude that you are you have no other way than to accept this proposal and soon you get to meet this hugely successful artist, which turns out is your childhood friend Iori Shitaka. And while we are at it Iroi already has another assistant which turns out to be another highly successful artist in the doujin world AND your highschool friend Nodoka Amabane.

As it turns out those events aren’t by pure luck. A (talking) cat which has been visiting you for a long time and who you told your wishes to, turned out to be a shrine maiden to the gods and she relayed your wishes to them. And now your faith lies in your own hands.

And to get things really going the gods decide to casually destroy your home with a busted water pipe, forcing you to sleep and live at your new workplace in some big apartment on the 28th floor. And to top it all off those gods practically did the same to all the homes of the other girls, forcing everyone to sleep and live in the same work apartment.

The story starts off great in my opinion but it sure lets you down in the long run. You could really have done a cool story as a struggling artist trying to stay in the business. But of course, this being a solely lewd novel it doesn’t branch out as much as I’d like it to. The writing is short between the scenes you actually buy the game for, with only the beginning having a good 9 chapters without anything too major happening considering scenes. But those were the chapters where the story really unfolded great and I wish this kind of length would be there between the scenes as well.

Considering how the story starts out I don’t think it’s surprising that you end up with those 3 girls in a harem but it somehow doesn’t feel as good as in Nekopara where you have a huge harem at your disposal. It kind of left a weird feeling.

The scenes itself were great, definitely on par with Nekopara. But the art style is really different considering that the illustrations were done by IshiKei and not Sayori . Not to say that they were worse than Sayori’s! I’d recommend checking out the Nekoworks website and take a look at them yourself before you consider buying it![]

In the end, I don’t regret buying Love Cube, but I sure wished for some more story and context!

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