Stay! Stay! Democratic People’s Republic of Korea!

After playing this game I wanna visit North Korea Best Korea! But first, I need to get out of Syria to get to the American Embassy.

In all honesty, this game is a double-edged sword. I really liked this game, his humor and writing style. On the other hand, the whole story plays in a rather difficult country.

The story begins with you arriving in North Korea. In your mind, you think that you’ll get picked up by two dudes who will go drinking with you in the evening. In reality, you get picked up by 2 military police officers and have to stay with them at their “home”. Not the vacation you had in mind but you still have a great time every day taking one of them out to, as they call it “dates”. You get to see some parts of North Korea and you get to know the utter hate towards Japan and South Korea, those two girls have. As somebody who comes from America, the technology seems utterly old. At one time you are not even sure if you are in Nort Korea or in the old Soviet Union. This difference in culture and technology is a great platform for some good jokes. Not to forget the classic Dating Sim jokes, which are present in almost every dating sim.

I’m an insanely fast reader and finished this game in roughly 3~ hours. I’ve only finished one ending and read up on the other 3 since I dislike multiple endings. If you are a slow reader who wants to finish every ending it will take you about 6 – 8 hours at max. I wouldn’t say that those 10 Bucks are worth it.
Buy it when it’s on sale for like 5-6 then I would definitely recommend it.
It’s nothing which you absolutely have to play so wait till it’s on sale! For me, it was great for an evening and that’s it!

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