National Park Girls

If those damn “campers” keep screwing up our National Parks I’m not sure if I can keep my hands to themself. Is it that hard to respect our nature?

It’s a sunny day and you are on your way back to your job with your friend Jessie. Without her, you wouldn’t be back after you broke one too many jaws. Your destination is an old rangers hut that you are now supposed to inhabit. It has been empty for a while since the last ranger didn’t want to be stationed there anymore. Rumor has it that this hut is supposed to be haunted. Upon arriving you find a neat little hut, old but still fully functional. After entering the hut with Jessie you notice how clean the hut actually is, maybe the ranger that came before liked mixing his Whiskey with Windex. After Jessie leaves, you are left alone with your thoughts and a national park to guard. But you get the feeling that those rumors might be true…

The first thing you will notice is the gorgeous voice acting in this game. Every character is fully voice acted and it underlines every character’s personality perfectly. The visuals are stunning, with each character being delightful to look at if we don’t mention the volcano on Yellowstone’s head. The way the GUI is done is highly unique, with the in-game menu being a Ferris Wheel, which I have never seen before anywhere. The story draws you in from the second you start the game and even after we met the three spirit girls everything feels so real, from the way those spirits are presented to the reaction of Eve, our main character. The game is set up as an episodic visual novel, with the first episode being the game itself.

For this price, i wasn’t expecting too much but my expectations were blown out of the water, annihilated and buried far and deep as if they never existed. The story about our girl Eve wanting to protect her National Parks and trying to do everything she can while nobody takes her feelings serious. You start to feel with her, wanting her to carry out her duties as ranger without too many problems. You can see her deep love for nature and her National Parks and you get to understand why she acts as she does. Her reactions to the spirits feel real and genuine, which shows this game has exceptional writing. Paired with those stunning visuals and gorgeous voices it makes for a perfect combination. The way Eve and Yosemite talk to each other is just entertaining to read. There was never a time while playing this game where I felt bored or wanting to skip any of it.

In conclusion, I can’t wait for the next episode. The way the visuals, voice acting, and story combines makes playing it a delightful experience. It’s perfect for an evening to calm down and let this game spread its charm over you.

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