Finding love is pure destiny. It HAS to be a textbook romance! How else would you find true love? At least that’s my belief.
But apparently, you can find love, even if it’s not like how i imagined it to be.

Making Lovers is a game I never searched for nor did I knew about its existence until a few hours ago but I’m glad to have found this gem.
You start as a shut-in Neet who has strong beliefs about how a relationship should be formed. It has to be destiny, several accidental meetups, slowly exchanging numbers getting to know each other, only then a date could happen. Lucky for you, you’ve got a friend that thinks differently about this topic and is urging you to go out anyway even if it might not be the destined encounter you want it to be. So you go out to a mixer with your friend where you are supposed to meet some new people searching for the right person as well. And how it continues from this part is completely your decision. Do you go the siscon route and date your sister, the cute waitress, your former clubmate or someone entirely else.

The game features five different routes that derivate directly from the start so you don’t need to replay a whole lot of the game to get a different route. The way the dialogue is written and how it’s presented to you is profound at times but the game knows when it can be hilarious as well.
I quite enjoyed the way the game presents its story and dialogue, it never felt rushed or overly forced to try to get a joke out. The pacing just felt right.

The game boasts itself with claiming to have a beautiful art style and I wouldn’t say that this claim is far fetched. The illustrations of the girls are cute and charming at the same time, the backgrounds and places don’t feel the same and give you a different atmosphere each time.

A big point that differentiates the game from other visual novels is the way you can pick out date spots. You get to choose where you want the date to happen. I didn’t have the feeling that it influenced the story much if at all. Maybe I just picked the right/good combinations each time but it sure didn’t feel bad having some control over where the story takes place. It’s a nice addition to the game but not a game-breaking new feature that is incredibly fleshed out.

The game doesn’t ship with the “important” scenes installed so you have to go out of your way to get those, but the publisher shares them on his website for free, without needing to pay or having a complicated install process.

Making Love can really show itself out there and it got no problem competing against the already established visual novels. I do believe the game is fairly priced and I don’t regret buying it at that price. It sure is its money worth.

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