Sabbat of the Witch

I can taste people’s emotions from the day I was born. There shouldn’t be any taste that I’m not familiar with, but yet this bittersweet taste…

We, Hoshina Shuuji, have a secret. We are able to perceive emotions from others through our senses. For a long time, we’ve kept this fact secret since nobody believes us anyway. So we go to school and mostly keep to ourself as to avoid feeling other people’s emotions. It’s the reason why we can’t decline the requests of our classmates either. This time our classmates ask us to cover her shift in the library. With nothing better to do this afternoon we agree. But on this day we won’t go home bored after we saw this one particular event. Another student that has their own secret to keep. And this is our start into the Occult Club and all the adventures that should follow.

Sabbat of the Witch is a Visual Novel developed by Yuzusoft. Like many Visual Novels from Yuzusoft, this one got published by NekoNyan Ltd. in the west. It includes 4 main routes and one side route.

The first route would be Ayachi Nene, a well know girl around the school for her attractiveness and her ability to socialize with everybody. But she hides one of the biggest secrets in her school. Due to her witch contract she gets random, involuntary sexual arousals that can’t be suppressed. So it’s no surprise that one day she gets caught in the act.

The second route includes Shiiba Tsugumi. One might think at first glance that they are dealing with a boy, but Shiiba has her own reason to dress like one. She also got a witch contract, that doesn’t allow her to wear girly clothes or even act like one. If she does it will cause her to feel sick, very sick. In the end, she joins forces with Nene, and works together as fellow witches.

The next girl appears to be super flashy and you might think she is one of those fake girls. But you’d be dead wrong. Inaba Meguru visits the Occult Club since she is the exact opposite. She isn’t popular at all and she wants to change this fact. She appears to be cheerful and bubbly but below the hood, she’s a gamer that likes to be alone. She hopes with the help of the Occult Club she can change that.

And for our last main route, we’ve got Togakushi Touko. The student council president and probably the most popular girl amongst the third-year students. Always being kind to everybody, having a great body, and being so approachable she sure is the spitting image of perfection.

The last girl and side route would be Kariya Wakana. She one of your two friends at school. In combination with your other Friend Kaido she never misses commenting on your and Kaido’s adventures. But the guitar isn’t the only thing she cares about.

The story of Sabbat of the Witch is fascinating. The fact that you can sense the emotion of others in combination with two witches makes for an engaging story. You never quite know how it continues and you have to rely on the club to push things forward. Every girl is different and has her own charm. Will you support Touko with her big sisterly charm or will you help Shiiba to be finally able to wear girly clothes? With every route, you have a different objective that you are trying to achieve. Trying to achieve these different objectives makes reading each route exciting. The story features its fair share of dramatic events but nothing overly sensational. But these events help the story push forward without going stale or boring.

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The art and scenes were crisp and beautiful as always. Each individual scene with the girl of your choosing felt natural. I really have to highlight the writing here. Those scenes were pleasant to read. The personality of each girl shined through in those scenes. They didn’t feel generic or repetitive instead they felt more alive and honest to the character.

I highly recommend the free 18+ patch that NekoNyan offers.
You paid for the whole game so you want the whole game right?

The soundtrack itself was fine. There wasn’t any song that stood out or got repetitive at the end. Without it, something would surely be missing but it didn’t add too much either. It was just there.

Overall it’s a pleasant game. You get some decent story bundled with some cute girls. I would buy it at full price every day of the week.

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